Essential Reading

Dr. Pierce on "Racism"
What is "Racism"?
Challenge of Multiculturalism
Who Rules America?
Myth of Diversity
Two Nations, Not One
Aspects of the Immigration Crisis
Jewish History & Modern Mass Media
Jewish Culture of Critique
Call to White Americans
Kurds of the Future
Taking Our Own Side

Additional Essays

Dispossession of Christian Americans
Swiss Gold & "Diversity"
Marilyn & the Jews
Arnold's Negro Problem
Amy Biehl: A White Liberal on the Dark Continent
Internet Censorship and Jewish Destiny
Anti-Americanism in L.A.
Why the Apathy?
Multicultural Fairy Tales
Praying at the False Altar of "Diversity"
Interracial Rape Statistics
Race and Intelligence
Balkanization of America
Ever Wondered Why Arabs Hate Us?
Miscegenation: The Morality of Death
David Lane's Final Address to the Jury
Id of the Yid
Facing Racial Realities
Essence of Archaism
Abrogated Verses in the Koran
Universality of Anti-Semitism
Wichita Massacre
Black-White IQ Differences
Nazi Jews & Magic Markers
Mel Gibson & the Jews
Unethical Monotheism
Rocks & the SAT
Haiti, the First Black Republic
Islamic Conquest of Europe
America "Pearl Harbored"
The Real Koran
Deception in Islam
Lessons of Madrid
Jesus & the ADL
White Pride & White Guilt
Jews, Islam & Orientalism
Spitting on the Cross
Jewish Hypocrisy
Surviving Multiculturalism
Brown v. Board of Education
Intellectual Terrorism
Diversity Training
Jewish Traits in Israel
 South Africa's New Motto
Why Race Matters
African Intelligence
Some Old Posts
Affirmative Action
Color of Crime
There's Nothing Wrong With Racism
Islam & the JQ
Morality of Survival

Off-Site Essays

MacDonald: Understanding Jewish Influence
Does Race Matter?
Light for Nations: Jews in the Modern World
Race War of Black Against White
Decline & Splendor of Nationalism
Critical Race Theory
Homosexuality & Pedophilia
Zebra Murders
Noble Savagery
It's Not Just the Balkans
Nationalism FAQ
Decay of Modern Society
Dumb Ideas About Race
Race & Ancient Egypt
Race & Censorship
MLK: Beast as Saint
What We Owe Our Parasites
Anti-Inclusiveness FAQ
Camp of the Saints
Lynching of Leo Frank
ADL Backgrounder
Japanese Internment Myths
Preparing for World War III
Stalin's Willing Executioners
Intellectual Self-Defense
Ethnic Genetic Interests
Muslim Misogyny

Online Books

Oliver: Origins of Christianity
Calvin: Ascent of Mind
When Victims Rule
Kubizek: Young Hitler
Yggdrasil's Library
Lilienthal: Zionist Connection
Stoddard: Rising Tide of Color
Shahak: Jewish History, Jewish Religion
Hitler: Mein Kampf
Lazare: Antisemitism, Its History and Causes
American Constitution
Bastiat: The Law
Thus Spake Zarathustra
Color of Crime
Faurisson: Ecrits révisionnistes
Kemp: History of the White Race
Klages: Biocentric Metaphysics
Coon: Races of Europe

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