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I have placed the most politically relevant material, much of which also appears on other websites, in this section of the Library. Any non-racialist White looking for an introduction to the principal issues that White Nationalism addresses could treat the Racialist Texts section, especially those I've classified as "Essential Reading," as a reasonable summary of our beliefs.

"Racism" is the central heresy of the last half century, continually condemned in the mainstream media, but seldom (if ever) presented honestly; it wouldn't hurt to find out what racial nationalists actually say.

Racialist Authors

The selection here is eclectic, and not all the writers included were racialists, despite my title. The only criteria are that the author is a significant figure in intellectual or cultural history and that he belongs on the political Right.

I don't, needless to say, personally endorse the views of each author. Mussolini's "Doctrine of Fascism," for example, is an historically significant rightist text, but generally unattractive as a political philosophy, in my opinion.

My own views, for what it's worth, are much more mainstream than most of the material collected here and elsewhere on this website: I don't think there's anything wrong with the American Constitution that a racial definition of citizenship wouldn't cure.

Savitri Devi

Devi was a brilliant eccentric, perhaps more valuable for the intensity and depth of learning she brought to her writing than for her actual ideas, an interesting mix of Hinduism and mystical NS.

Perhaps her best work -- A Son of God -- is only marginally racialist, focusing as it does on the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhnaton, though with an unmistakable NS subtext. Her animal rights and ecologist convictions, expressed most fully in Impeachment of Man, illuminate an often forgotten fact of modern political history: The environmentalist movement has its origins in the world-view of the Racialist Right.

Our Heritage

Much of the material here is not explicitly racialist. I've simply included items, some only as links to other websites, that I consider significant or find interesting, on the assumption that others will as well. But even learning the odd piece of trivia about our European heritage, at this point in the West's decline, can potentially be an act of intellectual resistance to multiracialism, which is why the public school system ensures that White youth learn next to nothing about their racial heritage.

Real History

The title was coined by David Irving to describe historical events, especially those occurring during the Second World War, that the System would like to suppress.

We perpetually hear, for example, about the "Holocaust" inflicted by NS Germany on Jews. But almost no one is familiar with the atrocities "our side" inflicted on defenseless German civilians.

Hitler & National Socialism

Hitler and NS Germany are unavoidable, as I argue elsewhere: Some Thoughts on Hitler.

Racialist Links

I've been selective with the links. For a more comprehensive collection, visit the NS Green Party's Political Links page.

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